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    Boston, Massachusetts, 02116, USA
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About Us
G20 Ventures provides early traction capital for East Coast enterprise tech startups, backed by more than 20 of the Northeast's most accomplished entrepreneurs.

We look for great teams in love with big problems, at or approaching the inflection point of customer validation. Our focus is generally on early-stage, East Coast, and enterprise software. We prefer technology risk to market risk, and won't generally invest in 100% consumer-facing businesses. If you plan to pitch us... Thanks! And please read this first.

We get that great teams are built over time, but typically look for a core team (at least 2 people) that includes a technologist with experience building solutions similar to the one being proposed, and a business person who really understands the buyer and how to reach them. We like to see a product in market, and add the most value to businesses looking to scale the go-to-market model.

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