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About Us
Foundation Capital was founded in 1995. As an early-stage venture capital firm, we’ve lived through the emergence of the World Wide Web, the enterprise war of the 90s, the dot-com bubble, Web 2.0, the mobile revolution, the Great Recession, the rise of Big Data, software’s ascension to the cloud, and the birth of blockchain. The wisdom of those experiences remains with us, transmitted to each successive generation of partners. Two-thirds of VC firms never make it past their first fund; only 10 percent survive beyond their fourth. We are 24 years and nine funds strong. Our consumer, enterprise, and fintech investments have reinvented industries and defined new markets. For a quarter of a century—through boom and bust, prosperity or calamity—Foundation Capital has endured, evolved, and thrived, with over $3B in committed capital, 28 IPOs, and 80+ acquisitions to our name. Building companies is in our bones.

Our record affords us the luxury of patience. We aren’t anxious to score a first win, nor concerned whether we’ll still exist in five years. So, we can help a startup to grow at its proper pace, rather than rushing it to an outcome that serves short-sighted interests. As a partnership, we are characterized by a steadiness of hand, which we use to help our founders navigate rationally when opportunities arise and through dark times, when winners are made. Regardless of the size or nature, we look on storms and are unshaken.

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